Chat with PDF documents and more* on the go using the power of AI! Interact with your docs like never before.
AppstoreGoogleplay Supported documents include; ‘.docx’, ‘.pptx’, ‘.epub’, ‘.md’, ‘.txt’, and ‘.odt’
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Complexity Simplified

Your Personal Document Assistant

  • Use AI to transform every document into a responsive, intelligent dialogue
  • Get concise summaries of large documents, revealing the essential insights
  • Information you need, backed by the reliability of your original documents with relevant references and citations
  • Analyze similarities, highlight differences, and find unique insights

How it works

Create/Train a custom chatbot to answer questions on your PDF documents, in a couple of simple steps

Select PDF files
Select PDF files

Choose the list of documents you wish to query

Name the Chatbot
Name the Chatbot

Assign a name to the custom Chatbot

Start Chatting
Start Chatting

Ask the chatbot questions related to your docs

Supercharge your productivity with Premium

Unlock the full power of PDFChatUp and supercharge your productivity by upgrading to a premium subscription

PDFChatUp Free

  • No Ads
  • Create upto 2 custom Chatbots
  • Up to 2 documents per Chatbot
  • Up to 200 pages per Chatbot

PDFChatUp Pro

  • No Ads
  • Create unlimited custom Chatbots
  • Unlimited pages per Chatbot
  • Additional file types including; docx, pptx, epub, md, txt, odt, and rtf
  • Support continued development of app
Upgrade to PRO

Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from U.S. Dollars.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our service

Is my data safe/secure?

Your files are encrypted during transit and stored on a fully managed and secure infrastructure. Our storage vendor is SOC2 Type 2 certifed, (a certification based on the COSO framework and has been audited by an external Big4 CPA firm). Click here to learn more

I have noticed a bug or error in the app. Where do I send feedback?

Please fill out our contact form or send an email to [email protected], including as much detail as you can. We truly appreciate these so thanks in advance! 🙂

Is PDF ChatUp free to use?

Yes. PDF ChatUp is free to use with limitations. Please consider upgrading to a premium subscription to take full advantage of everything it has to offer, and to support continued development.

I like PDF ChatUp, How can I help?

That’s fantastic! You can help by simply sharing the app with friends and family, reporting bugs/inaccuracies you encounter within the app, sending suggestions for improvements, or becoming an affiliate marketer. (Please get in touch to discuss).

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